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Social Media Monetized

Very soon a new social platform will emerge.  Similar to Google Plus -- IQKonnect will launch by invitation only.... RIGHT NOW -- people are assembling to be FIRST INVITERS.  This group of people will hold the key to IQKonnect -- inviting all of their contacts from every social platform they are currently using.  Inviting people to join them on one platform that will combine the joys of connecting with a monetization plan for both free members and paid members.  Beyond an affiliate program or a direct selling model --- the founders of IQKonnect have created a monetization plan that when fully implemented will create wealth beyond most of our imaginations.

Most of us spend time connecting, building our networks on social media platforms and working to use them to benefit our business or profession. Now...

While monetizing social media has been the dream of many... the IQ Konnect team has put a plan in place to do that.

The IQKonnect story is one that will inspire you to become a part of.... learn how it all started and the vision for the future.... 

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